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Refuge for Pot-heads man

Yeah man it's self explanitory

Refuge for Pot-Heads
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Anybody , Moderated
Please fill out application before joining!

1. Have you ever smoked pot before?(Kinda elaborate on this one its the most important, i.e. what kinda pot.)

2. Whats your favorite drug?(any kind'l do)

3. Are you addicted to anything (If you are elaborate a little man)

4. Do you like Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Joni Mitchell?

5. Heres you chance to explain who you are and stuff.....so here answer theses series of questions:

1A. Name:

2A. Nick Name:

3A. Age:

4A. Musical Interests:

5A. Hobbies and Interests:

6A. Gender:

7A. Location(optional):

8A. Here you can give a lil bio:(this is not optional you have to explain a little bit so we know who you are kinda)

Also swearing is allowed but only to a certain degree, please do not type paragraphs long of angry words toward another, un-less of course it is justified.

Oh Yeah and if you promote the website you may be upgraded to "operator" if enough invites are returned. So PROMOTE ALL YOU CAN lol!!!