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1. Have you ever smoked pot before?(Kinda elaborate on this one its the most important, i.e. what kinda pot.) obvisouly, yes. yesterday i actually got some green called Blue Haze. It kicked my ass.

2. Whats your favorite drug? I dont consider pot as a drug. F that man. I dont have a favorite but i'll just throw one out, Oxy's are okay.

3. Are you addicted to anything (If you are elaborate a little man)nah, i dont think im addicted to anything...

4. Do you like Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Joni Mitchell? I think Janis Joplin is pretty cool, props to Bob too tho

5. Heres you chance to explain who you are and here answer theses series of questions:

1A. Name: Dezaray

2A. Nick Name: Dezzy, Dez, Lex, Lexy, Ish, Dez the Lez...etc

3A. Age: 16

4A. Musical Interests: god, anything really... I like Alt. Music i guess you could say more than anything, but I listen to everything, everything except bluegrass and that sh*t

5A. Hobbies and Interests: I play volleyball, I like to sing alot, I like to read, sleeping is a must, and i most DEFINATELY have to have a daily serving of chicken at SOME point and time...

6A. Gender: Chickaroo

7A. Location(optional): Well it is no other than Americas number one state for the GREEN, CANTUCKY

8A. Here you can give a lil bio: Sup everyone, I was born in the Phillipines but for the most part grew up in America. I've moved between Alabama and Kentucky thru-out most of my childhood but am now stationed in KY for good Im pretty sure. About a year ago i started dating my on and off again dude, Tim, he was known for being a pot head and that is how i came about to smoking kiddies. i used to be such a little anti-pot activist towards him, but i got a new motto. dont knock it til you try it. ummm, im currently in alabama and have been for the past month due to my lack in brain cells. in other words, i took my very nice car out for a joy ride a few days before i got my license and totaled it. punishment..staying here with a bunch of old people. origionally i am supposed to be here all summer but i worked my magic and im on my way home to my stash this saturday -thankgod. well, i learned my lesson and all that shat so there ya have it... alittle bit of me. hopefully you all enjoyed and no, i do not have a southern accent.
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