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.. Wondering..

Where exactly do you go

when it is your time

why do others suffer

if heaven is like a gold mine

If some special thing

turns you into an angel above

why is it so sad

when it happens to those you love

Does this make any sense

for when we die

we will cause others pain

make loved ones cry

Why are we so unsure

do you think when we die

everything will be bright

we will belong to that beautiful sky

Why are we stuck here

wondering and confused

do we have something to look forward to

or will by God we be refused

Then what will become of us

will we be another space taken up

and someday be forgotten

and put in a dumpster truck

I wish i knew the reason

of me being here today

suffering, worrying, wondering why

guess tomorrows just another day

by: gynx1621

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