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What are drugs are they that bad?

Do they make you lose everything you once had?

Is it true they make you loose all your teeth?

And they're your only friend when you're out on the streets?

I don't agree with this because it's all shit!

they tell you those thing, you know, the whole "say no to drugs" bit.

I think drugs are good for you in ever way,

Hey look at me, i'm still alive today.

My dad knows I smoke but he doesn't care.

He doesn't even bother,

cause when he tells me to stop it goes in one ear and out the other.

I smoke my heart out every day,

Knowing that I will die someday.

But I do it for a reason,

and that reason is to die.

Because I want to go meet my friend brandon up in the sky.

He will be there to open up the gates,

and we will walk hand in hand, and no one will determine our fate.

We'll be together again, just like before,

only this time, we'll have wings to soar.

Up into the heavenly skies we will fly,

without having to do drugs and get high.

So Brandon wait for me by the gates,

for soon I will come,

And we will walk through the heavens above,

hand in hand, one by one.

I Still love you Brandon and I miss you so fucking much.......Just wait for me please.....I will be there with you soon enough.

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